Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I must confess I have not been as diligent with daily writings to the blog as I had intended. Like everyone else, time is precious and fleeting. But John and I are going to Ireland again in May and I want to record our experiences and some of the ancients sites we'll be visiting and doing research on. As well as adding photos as we go. And taking family and friends along with us on the trip as e-passengers. That should add a very interesting element to our visit.

Since my last posting I've designed lots more mythical jewelry, edited by website (www.AncientDesign.com), started a Global Online Women's Intention Circle, issued my first e-newsletter - The Alchemist, Spring Equinox issue that you can view on my website, entered as an exhibitor at a number of shows, planned our trip to Ireland, and re-started my exercise program. Must now get back to Adkins to lose some of this weight.

I'm putting my intention to blog on the trip because whenever I write anything, it comes true. That's it for today. It's raining in Southern California - giving me a taste of Ireland.


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