Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On the way to the cliffs of Slieve League

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Some of our favorite people pictured: Liam, Claire, Michael, Paul, Briege (not shown but always thought of too are Laura and James).

More favorite people pictured: Florence, Seamus, Thomas and John (not shown but still favorites: Paul, Eleanor, Christopher, James and Sharon (& children), Mary and Gerry (& children).

They call us home frequently.

One of the hundreds of standing stones in Ireland. Estimated to be 3,000 to 5,000 years old - older than the pyramids. And Queen Maeve's tomb. And St. John's Point.

Our little car that we drove all over Ireland. It got about 40 miles per gallon (good thing! Gas is aboub $5.00/gallon). This was on one of the typical remote roads we were on - driving on the wrong side of the road, with a standard shift. This is on the way to Ardaragh to the last hand looms on the island.

A photo of the loom that weaved my purple coat.

Just look at this gorgeous 7 week old baby owl - a girl. We got to touch her. She felt like velvet

Yes, I always wanted to be a race car driver. Now I am one!

We've been to Ireland at least 10 times - we've seen all the museums in the North and the Republic - been to see the Book of Kells, all the literary high points, many galleries. This trip we just hung out in Mother Nature with our friends and had a very regenerative 3 weeks. This is John and a handler at the Raptor Research Center just outside Sligo with one of their adult eagles. They have various kinds of eagles, vultures, falcons, owls and other wild birds. It was an exciting afternoon in the wild.

Malibu is no match for the Dunfanaghy Coast. Dunfanaghy is on the North West coast of Ireland, on the wild and gorgeous Atlantic. It's cold and blustery and so beautiful it takes your breath away. And when the tide goes out, it goes out for miles stranding boats in the mud. I'd never seen the tide do that in California so I was astonished by how far the ocean recedes. It's a very thought provoking idea. See how warm we look!

In talking about the Fairy Glen, here's a photo of the entire glen.

Our friend Florence took me to a Fairy Glen near their home in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She's known about this magical glen since she was a child and listened to the stories from the elders as she was growing up in Ireland. We trekked past cows and a bull, mud and tangled vines and found this secret Fairy Glen. I made a wish, blessed everyone I could think of, asked for the blessings of the wee folk and stayed for quite a while.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

We're home from Ireland. All attempts to post photos and trip experiences was a bust. I don't know if it was the fairies messing with us or just problems at Blogger. In any case now that I'm home I want to post some of our photos so you can see how magical the Emerald Isle is. Here goes. This is the River Owen Reigh just down the lance from where we stayed in Dromore. It's so peaceful and calm and beautiful. The next photo is of an Ogham Stone, the oldest Celtic language of lines. This was out in a field and it was pouring rain, cold and howling wind. And I'm laughing! The cliffs are Slieve League, the highest cliffs in Europe on the North Atlantic and the most gorgeous. A truly awesome sight to look at. It was too wild to take a boat out to see them from the water. The Carndonagh Standing Stones and Cross are ancient and claimed by Christians and Pagan. To look at it tells you it is many thousands of years old. The face is primitive and powerful and very mystical. There is a photo of John and I huddled together agains the wind on the road to Dunfanaghy also on the North Atlantic. We looked cold. We were!
More photos later. I want to make sure these get up without any glitches.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

April 28 weekend at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. Weather was great, crowds were large and folks were friendly and in a buying mood. This is my latest booth set-up. It changes constantly depending on my mood and the mood of the crowd, but so far I like this one best. It's a return to the root focus of my designs - words to explain the jewelry and the myth. I started out with a similar design, did very well and changed it. Duh!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I must confess I have not been as diligent with daily writings to the blog as I had intended. Like everyone else, time is precious and fleeting. But John and I are going to Ireland again in May and I want to record our experiences and some of the ancients sites we'll be visiting and doing research on. As well as adding photos as we go. And taking family and friends along with us on the trip as e-passengers. That should add a very interesting element to our visit.

Since my last posting I've designed lots more mythical jewelry, edited by website (www.AncientDesign.com), started a Global Online Women's Intention Circle, issued my first e-newsletter - The Alchemist, Spring Equinox issue that you can view on my website, entered as an exhibitor at a number of shows, planned our trip to Ireland, and re-started my exercise program. Must now get back to Adkins to lose some of this weight.

I'm putting my intention to blog on the trip because whenever I write anything, it comes true. That's it for today. It's raining in Southern California - giving me a taste of Ireland.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

For thousands of years sages, mystics and wizards have advised that we set intentions for any new cycle; they didn't talk about wishes, or resolutions, or hopes. Intentions are different than hopes. They are strong demands, powerful statements to our subconcious mind that we mean business this time - no more wishy-washy trying. We say, "I intend to exercise every day for 30 minutes." or "I intend to create a career that is fulfilling." Intention causes a change in our internal receptors. We pay attention. We become aware. We believe. Intentions become our marching orders, not just minor, half-serious attemps at cosmetic change. When you write your intentions every day, miracles happen. Try it. It works wonders.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wishing you a 2006 filled with happiness, joy, comfort, serenity, wealth and wisdom. You are the wizard of your own experience. Myth reminds us of the truth of our personal power. May you write your personal myth with nobility, dignity and fulfillment.